Thursday, January 13, 2011

God Speaks to Us in Our Dreams

I know the title of this blog might get some mixed reactions.  There have been lots of people who have had dreams that were definitely not from God but yet they believed they were and took it and ran with it.  In my experience, when the Lord talks to me through my dreams, it has always been to draw me closer to Him and there is no denying in my mind that it was from God.

Last night's dream is what prompted this blog entry.  Here is a description of the brief yet powerful dream:

My family and I were getting ready to encounter a potentially dangerous situation (I don't remember clearly what the situation was).  I immediately started praying and asking the Lord to protect us and keep us safe.  Then I prayed, "Oh Lord, please don't let any of us die".  As I was praying this, I felt this "question" in my spirit, "Why don't you want to die"?  I didn't give my response much thought, I just very quickly said, "Because I want to be with them".  Then the Lord very clearly asked me "Don't you want to be with Me"?  Then I had an extremely quick picture of me enveloped in God's spiritual arms and a split-second feeling of total love, comfort, contentment, fulfillment and an all around completeness come over me.  It was as if the Lord was showing me in a small, small way what it will be like to be with Him.  In my dream I just sat there and cried.  My husband looked over at me and asked why I was crying but I couldn't answer him through the tears.  Then I woke up.

I haven't been able to get this dream out of my head since I woke up (not that I want to get rid of it).  I just keep meditating on it.  In fact, I'm going to have to write this blog in two parts because as I sit here and try to type what this dream meant, I am unable to express it right now.  So many thoughts are flooding my mind, and so many emotions flooding my soul.  So, in an attempt to keep my entries somewhat short, I will have to end now with, To Be Continued...

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  1. Love this! I have had dreams where I am worshiping the Lord and have awoken with raised arms and have also gotten scripture in my dreams...specific addresses (that is amazing to me because I am awful with addresses). Thanks so much for sharing! I know what you mean about Knowing it is from the Lord...your soul just knows. Thanks for sharing!