Friday, January 14, 2011

To Live is Christ - To Die is Gain

Continued from "God Speaks to Us in Our Dreams".

As I meditated on my dream throughout the day, this one scripture kept coming to mind, To Live is Christ, to die is gain (Phil. 1:21).  It's such a well known passage and it's repeated over and over by so many, but do we really grasp it?  Do we really, truly understand the depth of what it's saying?

I know, for me personally, I tend to look at death as a negative thing.  I see it as losing something.  After all, isn't that what Hollywood engrains into us?  We're brainwashed into a humanistic view of death and a "survive at all cost" mentality.  But the reality, really, is that death is not losing something but rather gaining everything (if we're a born-again believer living for the Lord). I was totally looking at it backwards. 

I think that sometimes (if not most of the time), we become so focused on our life and family here in the present that we forget about the future.  For me, as with many others, I love and enjoy being with my family so much that I don't want to ever be without them.  Unfortunately, though, it causes me to have the wrong mindset.  It's so easy to fall into being an earth-dweller. 

This is where prayer and communion with the Lord come in.  When we're spending time with Him daily, consistently, He keeps our focus straight.  Furthermore, if we're not spending time with Him now, living for Him now, in this life, we're deceiving ourselves into thinking that we want to spend eternity with Him. 

Lord, help me to set my mind on your interests, not man's. Help me to lose my life for your sake, that I may find true life (Matt. 16:23-25).  Help me to set my affections on the things above and not the things of this earth (Col 3:2).  

One last thought-provoking, soul-searching question: Are you holding on so tightly to the things of this life that it's warping your perspective of eternity?

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