Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Journey Toward Modesty

In taking this journey, I'd like to start with the present, jump to the past and then end up here in the present again. After visiting many "churches", I felt the desire to write about modesty or the lack there of in modern christianity. It's so sad when I'm trying to raise boys to love God, hate the things of the world and live pure for the Lord and I take them to a place that should be a sanctuary; a place where you can escape the corruption of society and focus on God but instead they have to deal with the same lustful, sensual, tempting sights. As I look around I see women's undergarments hanging out, bare skin, very low necklines with their breasts exposed, tight fitting clothing and extremely short skirts and shorts. I even saw a woman's belly button!

What ever happened to being on holy ground? Where is the fear of God? Where is the jealousy for the house of God? It is so grievous to me. I try to give the younger women the benefit of the doubt. I know what I dressed like as a younger believer (more about that later). So then I look to the "older" women in the faith that are to be teaching the younger women and what do I see? Not much of a difference. I see fashion, makeup, fancy hairdoos, form fitting clothing. How are the younger ones ever going to learn if the older ones are ignoring this very important principle?

1 Tim. 2:9 - In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array (kjv).

In consideration of keeping each blog relatively short, I will wait until the following blog to visit the past (my past). I hope that in this introduction to my journey toward modesty I have laid a foundation as to why this particular subject is so heavy on my heart.


  1. Such an important topic. I'm glad you are addressing it. If everyone would ask God what do you want me to wear today the world would look much different. Much more beautiful I believe!

  2. Thank you so much 2littlehearts! You're right, it is a very important topic. Hopefully soon, I'll get to continue writing on this topic. Yes, definitely the world would be much more beautiful if people started dressing according to God's standards. Ladies would look like ladies and men would look like respectable men.