Monday, November 8, 2010

Thankful For These Men

When I was first asked to do a book review on For You They Signed, I wanted to participate because I figured it would be an interesting book. After only a few minutes of reading the book I realized that “interesting” was a huge understatement. My vocabulary quickly changed to intriguing, fascinating, and captivating. I would get so engrossed in these men’s lives that it was as if I was transported back in time and could visualize their surroundings, know their character and feel their passion for what they believed was “the best and most glorious cause”, which was what Charles Carroll called the struggle for independence.

In today’s society we enjoy freedom, we celebrate the 4th of July and we talk about how our patriotic fathers signed a document declaring the freedom of a nation. But if you randomly ask people who signed the Declaration of Independence, most will very quickly say “John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson”, and then they might be able to name a handful of others. I think, however, that it would be safe to say that most people don’t even know how many signers there actually were or what sacrifices they made and what they had to lose by penning their signature on a piece of paper. I certainly did not know these things and must admit that I really didn’t give it much thought, until now.

My fifteen year old son has been reading this book also and has been equally enthralled with it. At times I’ll be reading it and get so excited about a certain fact that I would go to him and start telling him something about one of the men and he would finish my sentence before I had a chance to. I’ve been amazed at how this book has held his attention and how he’s retaining the information. He has such a deeper regard for the adversity, danger and hardship that these men went through that Marilyn’s writing makes so vividly clear.

Marilyn Boyer’s book has inspired me to learn more about our country, it’s beginnings and the people that made it possible. I found a love for history that I never knew I had and a deep respect for all fifty-six signers.

The author has also included a free companion guide with the purchase of the book. It’s a one hundred eighty page activity book comprised of coloring pages, scripture verses and fun quizzes to use along with the lessons. You can find out how to get this wonderful tool at the beginning of the book on the page titled “Suggestions for Using This Book”.

I originally thought that this book would be great for homeschoolers so that they could teach their children the truth about the men who signed and the principles that founded our nation, and while I do believe that it is a superb teaching tool, I do not want to limit my recommendation to just homeschoolers. I believe that every American family should have this book. It is so rich in detail and facts and portrays such a beautiful picture of what this country was and should be all about.

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