Monday, September 13, 2010

Soon To Come

I have strongly felt the leading to blog about modesty. This is something that the Lord has worked into my character over the years. It's absolutely amazing how much the Lord has changed me and molded me into a new person.

It's taken me a while to actually begin this task of blogging about this subject because I know that it's going to be somewhat large. There's so much to say about it and so much that I've learned (and continue to learn). There's also the decisions of how much information I want to disclose. I would like to take you through a journey of where I came from in terms of my former lifestyle and into where the Lord has brought me thus far. As shameful and embarrassing as my past is, it seems as though it would be helpful to reveal it so that the transforming power of the gospel of Christ can truly be seen.

I do not in any way wish to glorify my sinful and putrid past. My hope is that in showing a glimpse of who I was and then showing who the Lord has made me will be able to help others see that with God all things are possible and He can truly make a life beautiful and meaningful out of a life of destruction and sin.

Another reason that I have been putting off this task is simply due to time. As a home schooling mom of three boys, my life is quite busy (but what mom doesn't face this problem?). So, with that said, I will be tackling this task starting now. I pray for clear direction from the Lord and an ability to organize thoughts, scriptures, quotes and relevant testimony.

May God's will be done and all honor and glory be given to Him!


  1. Deb, I love your blog, especially been reading about modesty. Great stuff! Keep it up girl, you are such an inspiration! Hugs, Shosh

  2. I have really loved reading your blog and am so blessed by your heart and sincerity for the Lord. May He continue to draw you closer and more intimately as you follow Him.