Sunday, May 23, 2010

On The Move

This is quite an uncomfortable place to be in the natural. The Lord is moving us again (the 6th time in the past 8 yrs.). The house we're in now, we've actually been in the longest - 2 1/2 years. Long enough to get to know a lot of people, know all the best places and accumulate a lot of junk.

We've known for a while that the Lord would be moving us soon but we weren't expecting everything to go from just kind of sailing along to pretty much having the boat capsize on us. All within a few days' time I was unemployed, we put the notice in with our Landlord that we were moving, Chris is being transferred with his job and suddenly our days are spent purging, packing and selling off whatever we can. This all happened in less than a month.

So now we're down to the last week before we move out. That's not the problem. The problem (if it can even be called that) is that we don't really know where we're going. I say it really can't be called a problem because we know that the Lord is moving us. The glory cloud is on the move and we just need to follow it in faith.

I said in the beginning of the blog that in the natural this is an uncomfortable place to be. We have a peace in our spirits about the timing of the move. We absolutely know that this is the Lord's will in our lives right now. However, we don't have a peace yet as to where the Lord is moving us. There are actually a couple of different options that we know of right now, but we just haven't gotten a confirmation about any of them yet.

Talk about taking a step - a leap of faith. We know and believe that our God is faithful and He has not called us to this place to let us die. We know that as we walk in the spirit and obey His leading, He will direct our path. As we keep our eyes on Him and not on the circumstance, we will soon see everything unfold before our eyes.

It's such a scary yet exciting time. Lord willing, I will blog along the way and testify of the wondrous things the Lord is doing in our lives.

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