Saturday, February 5, 2011

Are You a Hidden Woman?

Hidden? You ask.  In a society where people strive to be "seen", strive to be number one, strive to be put in a place to receive praise and adoration from people.  Who in the world wants to be hidden?  Well, I do.  

Women today, for the most part, have completely lost their perspective of the high calling on their lives.  Of course, I'm speaking to christian women.  Women have an incredible amount of power to either build up or tear down (Prov. 14:1).  Unfortunately, most women in the church today are being deceived by the spirit of feminism.  They desire to be lifted up in the eyes of man, attain leadership and eldership positions in the church rather than fulfil their God-given roles and be pleasing in the sight of God.  It just grieves my heart to see women not able to find that place of complete contentment and peace from being who God designed them to be.  There is no greater calling on a woman's life than to be a help mate to her husband, raise children to love and serve God and be a keeper of the home with a meek and quiet spirit.  

You can call it old-fashioned and archaic if you want, but God's ways are not our ways.  This is His design from the beginning and it's His system of government, if you will.  Having an order to things doesn't make anyone less important, we are all equal in God's eyes but that doesn't mean that we can just throw away His plan for order in the home and the church.  

No born-again christian should desire to be exalted and feminism is about nothing else but exalting women.  Women's rights, women power, women equality, etc.  Our lives should be about one thing - exalting the kingdom of God and that kingdom is completely opposite from this world's system. 

This has been a subject on my heart for a long time but I wrote this particular blog entry after listening to
The Hidden Woman - a wonderful teaching by Denny Kenaston of Charity Ministries.  I am not a member of Charity but I do enjoy listening to and learning from their ministry. 

I realize that saying these things will probably make quite a few women angry but that's not my desire.  My hope is that women will truly go to the word of God and let the Spirit teach them rather than be misled by people in error.  I've heard the arguments for women "leaders" in the church and I must admit, they don't hold much weight against the scriptures.  

One last comment that I would like to make;  I was not always of this persuasion.  Before being born-again, I very much desired to be "seen".  I was all about promotions, women's lib and even made comments like, "I don't submit to any man".  It is only by the grace of God that I am a changed woman and am now totally and completely content with being (or striving to be) a hidden woman. 

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